Re: Regional Traction: 2,100 Eyes on Japanese FAQ

Nicolas Toussaint


That's a great contribution, many thanks to the Japan work group, and Shane for sharing!

I would like to share a remark on slide 27 that got my attention:
The formulations of the top and blue-box questions are formulated in a contradictory way
- Do I need to consider each license when I recognize OSS dependencies?
- [...] can I ignore the licenses of the OSS components [...]

So the answer NO applies to the second, but I guess YES should be applied to the first question ?



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On 09/11/2021 08:08, Shane Coughlan wrote:
Some very cool news from the Japan work group.

The FAQ sub-group chaired by Ouchi San has released a version of their FAQ in English 👍

And since we last spoke a week ago the Japanese FAQ has been downloaded another 500 times. 🎉

The English version:


On Nov 2, 2021, at 19:12, Shane Coughlan via <> wrote:

The OpenChain Project often highlights global news. However, it is important to remember that the majority of activity is truly distributed around the world, especially in our local China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Germany, UK and US work groups. Today we are taking a moment to shine a spotlight on a specific example in Japan.
The OpenChain Japan Work Group operates seven sub-groups, one of which is focused on providing answers to frequently asked questions, chaired by Ouchi San from Fujitsu. The FAQ document produced by the group has been downloaded over 2,100 times so far, demonstrating the extent of information dissemination in a specific geography.

If you have a Japanese office (or you represent a Japanese company), please be aware that the FAQ sub-group meets on the 8th of November at 15:00 JST. All welcome.

・日時:11月8日(月) 15:00〜17:30
 Zoom のURLはFAQ-SGのSLACKに掲載予定です。
 (Japan WGのSLACKとは異なります)



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