Interview Request: OpenChain Certification



my name is Celina Brils and I’m a graduate student at the Technical University Munich in Germany. I am currently writing my final thesis about OSS Compliance Certification, especially the OpenChain certification, at the chair of Prof. Dr. Henkel. 

I already talked to some representatives of companies who did the OpenChain Certification (thanks again!) but still need participants for my study. 
Therefore, I would be extremely grateful if you would participate in an interview about that topic. 

My research mainly focuses on the background, motives and processes related to the OpenChain certification. I am particularly interested in the experiences and insights of companies who already did the certification or are planning to do the certification in the future. 
With my study, I hope to raise awareness on the topic of open source compliance and the whole OpenSource Project.  

If you would be open to participate, it would be perfect if you could give me 2-3 date proposals.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 
Again, I would really appreciate your help here. 

Thank you and best regards, 
Celina Brils 

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