Re: About the translation of Open-Source-Policy-Template

Andrew K

Dear Masahiko-san


I would delighted for you to translate the template into Japanese, and I am sure that Shane would be equally pleased. If I can help in any way, and if you have any questions or observations about the template, or there is any way in which I can clarify anything, please do let me know.


Just so you know, I am considering updating tab 3 (code acceptance) so that it follows the work on Chaoss community health analytics:


Kind regards







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Subject: [openchain] About the translation of Open-Source-Policy-Template


Shane-san, Andrew-san

I would like to translate "Open-Source-Policy-Template-en-OpenChain2.1-ISO5230.xlsx" in OpenChain Resource into Japanese and make a contribution. Please let me know how I can do this.


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