Re: About the translation of Open-Source-Policy-Template


Dear Andrew-san 


Thank you for your cooperation. 


As I mentioned to Shane-san, the translation has been completed and now is undergoing our internal review. 

As soon as the review is complete, we will make the following pull request. ja 

If we have any questions during our internal or Japanese community review, we will be happy to discuss them with you. 


Kind regards 

Masahiko Hayashi 

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Dear Masahiko-san


I would delighted for you to translate the template into Japanese, and I am sure that Shane would be equally pleased. If I can help in any way, and if you have any questions or observations about the template, or there is any way in which I can clarify anything, please do let me know.


Just so you know, I am considering updating tab 3 (code acceptance) so that it follows the work on Chaoss community health analytics:


Kind regards







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Subject: [openchain] About the translation of Open-Source-Policy-Template


Shane-san, Andrew-san

I would like to translate "Open-Source-Policy-Template-en-OpenChain2.1-ISO5230.xlsx" in OpenChain Resource into Japanese and make a contribution. Please let me know how I can do this.


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