Re: FAQ: Common Misunderstandings about OSS Licensing (English and Japanese

Astrid Spura <office@...>

Dear Shane,
dear all,

The OpenChain Japan work group has released a new revision of its FAQ regarding frequent misunderstandings around open source licenses. This FAQ is available in English and Japanese, and assistance in translating it into other languages is very welcome.
We would be happy to help with translation into German language. If there is already work in progress, please get in touch, so that we can share the workload.

It is important to note that this document is based on real world experiences distilled into very practical knowledge. We are fortunate to have had many companies contribute to it, and it holds great potential to assist the supply chain.
Yes, well done. We appreciate the work. The issues mentioned are comparable with our experiences.

You can get over on GitHub
Thanks. We will let you know as soon as the German version will be ready.

Best regards,

Astrid Spura, Compliance & Communication

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