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Gary O'Neall

Hi Jari,


Can you provide more specifics on where the inconsistency is?  I just looked at the PDF in the link below it has the following text in the header:


This document contains a series of questions to determine whether a company has an OpenChain Conformant program. If each of these questions can be answered with a "yes" then that company meets all the requirements of conformance to the OpenChain Specification version 2.1 (functionally identical to ISO/IEC DIS 5230:2020(e)). If any of the questions are answered with a "no" then the company can clearly identify where additional investment is needed to improve the compliance process.


It could be an issue in one of the translations if you are looking at a language other than English.





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Hi All,


I just noticed that the printable version of self-certification document ( has Spec Refs to the OpenChain Spec 2.0 version and not the latest 2.1 (ISO 5230) version. 


Is someone working on this already?





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