OSS License Obligations & Compatibility Database By Shuvajit


Shuvajit shared a document showing license compatibility (a reference guide). It may be of interest to parties on this list.

Shuvajit had shared it to several lists, but it bounced from a few, and I want to make sure this passes before your eyes. :)

== Forwarded from the India Work Group List ==

Dear Shane, OpenChain Community members

I write wishing all a healthy and safe beginning of 2022!!

I watched the presentation by Carlo which shone some bright lights on GPL enforcement trends and as usual Carlo's insightful observations will be helpful in this case (interim and in future).
I also noticed that Carlo (& maybe others) was looking for a database on OSS license obligations.

I would like to share and contribute the attached database to this fantastic community. This is an old (> 7 years) document I had prepared, which I had to dig through to get hold of it.

This is an incomplete document (Carlo mentions it is okay 🙂), with some licenses which might have got deprecated, and may have other "gotchas". Around 30 licenses are covered in the document and each license name in the "Compatibility Matrix" sheet is hyperlinked to the license in "License Terms & Conditions" sheet.

I also acknowledge that there is a lot of room for improvement(s) in this document, and I will be happy to stand corrected on any & all aspects in the document. All thoughts are welcome as is the norm of this community.

However, I thought it may be a good base to begin with, and I hope it will prove of some reasonable value to all of us in this esteemed community.

Thanks to Shane for arranging the webinar.

Capgemini Engineering

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