[telco] Upload of our "charter document"


Interested in telco stuff? Check out the framing document Jimmy (chair) has prepared for the work group. You are welcome to take a look.



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Subject: [telco] Upload of our "charter document"
Date: February 8, 2022 0:49:27 JST
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Dear Telco list. 

Find here my first attempts to document our “charter” of the Standard SBOM effort. I hope everyone can read and edit the document. If not let me or Shane know and we will address that so that everyone has the access they need. 

Hopefully we can get some good progress on this document until our next meeting, its by no means an exhaustive or definitive document so feel free to add things to it. If you feel that there are unclarities in the document feel free to shout out either to me or even better use the email list so that we can all engage in the conversation.


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