Re: Timezone management for our community

Dave Marr

For me having a push model where a calendar invite attachment is emailed, does all the work and is ideal.


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I concur with option a) as well. I can deal with the math needed for “UTC only” during Standard Time and Daylight Savings time here in the United Stares.
Dr Wood

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Dear all,

On Wed, Mar 09, 2022 at 10:11:19AM +0100, Carlo Piana wrote:
Technically, there are two correct ways to announce times:

a) UTC only. Everybody should know in which timezone they are, do the
math: 12:00 UTC - You are in UTC +1 -> 13:00

b) UTC + timeshift. Same as above, but a bit more complicated, one should do more math: 12:00 UTC-7 - I am at UTC+1 = +8 hours = 20:00.
Yes please for option A! I'm in Britain, so UTC is particularly
convenient, but I prefer it even when Britain is observing Summer

Best wishes,


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