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Carlo "Kappa" Piana

Indeed, this is true, Sami. Not sure why, but happened to me too, or even worse, one date with the old link to the call.

To his credit, this is what Shane has done at the turn of the year, and it worked, I reckon.


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I agree with this but if there is a change to the meeting time as a result of
rescheduling and a new attachment is sent very often you end up with two
meetings as a result. Perhaps one option is to ensure that if there is a change
of meeting time a cancellation is sent and a new meeting is setup instead to
ensure duplication of entries.


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For me having a push model where a calendar invite attachment is emailed, does
all the work and is ideal.


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I concur with option a) as well. I can deal with the math needed for “UTC only”
during Standard Time and Daylight Savings time here in the United Stares.
Dr Wood

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Dear all,

On Wed, Mar 09, 2022 at 10:11:19AM +0100, Carlo Piana wrote:
Technically, there are two correct ways to announce times:

a) UTC only. Everybody should know in which timezone they are, do the
math: 12:00 UTC - You are in UTC +1 -> 13:00

b) UTC + timeshift. Same as above, but a bit more complicated, one should do
more math: 12:00 UTC-7 - I am at UTC+1 = +8 hours = 20:00.
Yes please for option A! I'm in Britain, so UTC is particularly
convenient, but I prefer it even when Britain is observing Summer

Best wishes,


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