Re: Distributing SBOMs

Yaniv Ozerzon

Hi Steve,

Including the SBOM with a distributed product is not a typical practice at present. The SBOM per se is not part of the standard compliance artifact. Nonetheless, following the white house Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, Kaspersky announced it will provide an SBOM with its products ( if remember correctly also Microsoft declared the same although there was no official announcement as far as I know.




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Hi all,


During the IP summit, there was a question (I forget who posted it, sorry) about rules for distributing SBOMs, which caught my attention because I'd been wondering what the typical practices were at present. Are folks including SBOMs as part of installed software (e.g. part of the payload of a self-extracting installer or a managed package), via organisational websites, on demand, something else?






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