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Satoru Ueda

Thanks Shane.

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Hi Ueda San, just flagging for you :)

On Apr 7, 2022, at 15:00, Martin B├╝hrlen via <> wrote:

There are countless German language websites with information about
OSS licenses, but I am not aware of any 'official' website.

There is a private initiative (translated: )"Institute for Legal
Issues of the Free and Open Source Software (ifrOSS)";!!JmoZiZGBv3RvKRSx!r
[ifross[.]org] which has a pretty comprehensive list of licenses;!!JmoZiZGBv3RvKRSx!r0iCWr91nvFU4YGRjzwKdIMq-tCJXulkvzyukSc81-OAbWj-bEVw8bQKW27ip48$ [ifross[.]github[.]io] . But this is more directed towards legal experts.

In my opinion, so far the best explanation in layman's terms is
probably on the German Wikipedia, which has a page for each of the
mainstream licenses;!!JmoZiZGBv3RvKRSx!r0iCWr91nvFU4YGRjzwKdIMq-tCJXulkvzyukSc81-OAbWj-bEVw8bQKUoLe9Kg$ [de[.]wikipedia[.]org].

More education is definitely needed for sw developers. I have heard so
many times "It's open source, so we can anyhow use it." which (as far
as they are
aware) puts 0-BSD and AGPL into the same category.

Best regards


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Betreff: [openchain] A question about license translations in Chinese,
Korean and German

This is a question from the OpenChain Japan Work Group to our dear
friends who speak Chinese, Korean or German.

In Japan there is a convenient website with reference translations of
the OSI open source licenses:;!!JmoZiZ
XDyE$ [licenses[.]opensource[.]jp]

The purpose of this translation set is to education regional
engineers. It is expected legal experts will read and use the original English terms.

The question is: do you have similar resources in Chinese, Korean and

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