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J Lovejoy

I agree with Sami.  

Throwing out a quick idea - it seems like using the main numbers that do match to the goals is ok, but it’s the point numbers that make it confusing.  Could we simply use:

instead of 

Would that be clear enough that it doesn’t exactly line up but still tie the questions to the relevant part of the spec?


On Sep 28, 2016, at 2:30 AM, Sami Atabani <Sami.Atabani@...> wrote:

Hi Miriam,
I had a quick glance at the document and still think we should use a different numbering system for the questions to avoid mix up with the spec numbering.
I will provide more feedback once I have been through the document in more detail.
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Hi all,
following up on yesterday’s call, please find attached the revised conformance check documents. As discussed, I added the references to the specification and the other changes we agreed on (changes tracked). Please let me know, if I missed anything.
Thank you all for your contributions! I feel we took a great step forward yesterday.
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