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Ana Jimenez Santamaria

Hi everyone!

This is Ana from TODO Group 🙂

At TODO, we are introducing a new framework for in-person OSPO workshops piloting in Europe first so people can talk openly about their organization's open source challenges and work together on shared solutions. The workshop initiative aims to bring together the various communities involved in OSPO-specific topics (like OpenChain) to help organizations effectively implement OSPO Programs based on specific region needs.

Topics range from safely using open source to license compliance, sustainability, contributing back to the community, and more. We would love to see TODO and OpenChain collaborating together in these in-person workshops to help more organizations in their OSPO journey 🙂

Also, I'd like to mention that today we just launched the new OSPO Mind Map 2.0 version, where we have listed new OSPO responsibilities and sub-categories ➡️ https://todogroup.org/blog/ospo-mind-map-2-release/

At this moment, Thomas Steenbergen and I are looking for organizations to act as the hosting party to make available a meeting room for upcoming in-person workshops. If anyone would be interested, please let us know!

Happy to answer any questions and/or schedule a talk to discuss more the OSPOlogy in-person workshops & OSPO Mind Map!


Ana Jiménez Santamaría

Senior Project Manager at TODO Group (#OSPO)

💬 Languages: English, Español, 日本語
🙋 Pronouns: she/her
🕐 Timezone: CET / CEST

Download the latest study on the Evolution of The Open Source Program Office. Includes an OSPO maturity model, practical implementation from noted OSPO programs across regions and sectors, and a set of archetypes.

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