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Sean McIlroy (LF, PM)

Hi Satoru-san,
Many thanks for outlining the updates, I'll apply the changes now.
If you have any other observations, please let me know.

On Mon, Jun 20, 2022 at 5:45 AM Satoru Koizumi (小泉 悟) <satoru.koizumi@...> wrote:
Dear Shane-san, thank you for telling us the page.
Dear Sean-san, thank you for creating the page.

Some information of Japan WG is a little bit old.
We do not use the site you refer as Wiki now. Instead we use (
And we have archived the project you refer as GitHub. Instead we use new project (

Or should I make a pull request on GitHub? (Because I am the most active member of OpenChain Japan WG on GitHub:-))

OpenChain Japan WG

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Dear all

Sean has been busy creating an OpenChain onboarding guide to help new entrants to our community. It is here for your review:

Comments most welcome!

Source code here:



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