[Help Needed] The status of OSPOs 2022 research study

Ana Jimenez Santamaria

Hi everyone,

At TODO we are launching the 5th OSPO Survey to study the status of open source programs or similar open source initiatives among different organizations (including enterprises, governments, academics) across the globe.

In order to ensure a large and diverse sample size to provide quality insights for the OSPO community, we would really appreciate it if you could save some minutes to take this survey and share it with your open source contacts to reach out to as many people as possible ➡️ https://www.research.net/r/RFR6ZPG

Thank you so much!


Ana Jiménez Santamaría

Senior Project Manager at TODO Group (#OSPO)

💬 Languages: English, Español, 日本語
🙋 Pronouns: she/her
🕐 Timezone: CET / CEST

Download the latest study on the Evolution of The Open Source Program Office. Includes an OSPO maturity model, practical implementation from noted OSPO programs across regions and sectors, and a set of archetypes.

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