Re: Call to Action: MarkDown in the Reference Library

Carlo "Kappa" Piana

Pandoc is indeed what you need. We use it extensively in our toolchain. For most of documents it makes the cut embarrassingly easily and can be scripted. Requires some tweaking at times (like for using ATX style headers).

And also the other way round: making good-looking documents out of simple markdown. You might want to look into Howdyadoc for more clues as to what's possible (includes some custom-made modules written in LUA and python). We use it to make contracts with cross-referenced numbering and stuff, just saying.

Sorry I should have replied earlier. ;-)


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Inviato: Mercoledì, 24 agosto 2022 17:51:22
Oggetto: Re: [openchain] Call to Action: MarkDown in the Reference Library

Hi all,


During this discussion on converting to markdown, it was suggested that the Specification was one of the higher-priority targets. Possibly I’m being dense, but where does the master doc for the spec PDF live? I’m not seeing it in the Specification repo.


A question that came up was “are there tools to do mass/scripted conversion of documents?” As it happens, I was in another meeting today talking about conversion to markdown, and one of my colleagues pointed me at – looks perfect for this job to me.




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Subject: [openchain] Call to Action: MarkDown in the Reference Library


Register for this free webinar:;!!A3Ni8CS0y2Y!8j-uQ9ClMgFcPLZmYzhuBYrPLKXklP21s1DA4_Sjiysn0-YWSp_uD0iAdrPXLxo0tObTopqT0EahkRM9Fb1dPzMQYIQWt4g$ 

One of the outcomes of our recent education mini-summit was a decision to work on converting our existing Word Docs in the OpenChain GitHub reference library to markdown. The market has moved on from our early days of legal teams and management teams sharing documents, and from markdown we can easily convert to any other format.

Lend a hand and help us reach even more people with our huge corpus of reference material (we have about 1,000 documents, so we need help to decide what is first, and how to share workloads around the globe based on people’s own priorities).



Shane Coughlan
OpenChain General Manager
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