Re: List of open chain calendar events for partners


Yes, the calendar is about to get a ton of new entries, but currently is looking quiet 🙂

Shane Coughlan
OpenChain General Manager
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On Sep 21, 2022, at 16:55, Steve Kilbane <stephen.kilbane@...> wrote:

Hi Shane,


Actually, that community calendar is looking quite sparse. I’m seeing the regular Telco sessions and a single German workgroup session, but nothing else for the next year. Are all the entries going to be re-added now that the European holiday season is done?


(or is it just me? I swear that calendar doesn’t like me…)




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Yes, of course :)

Our community calendar is located here and is always updated with the latest event information:;!!A3Ni8CS0y2Y!5e39oNiMU5XuIrjGWIt84rJujEZhoAGkMNpgZ0ccY8ViEGqV1AdL_vcVTitxyTuTDgoEh19brgWdAuLqDnVVUHkIvA1ectk$ 

> On Sep 21, 2022, at 16:34, Lubos Kocman via <> wrote:
> Hello openchain community!
> my calendar seems to have quite a lot of outdated openchain events (for
> partners etc). Is there a list of regular (partner) events or even
> better a fresh .ics that I could subscribe to?
> Thank you very much in advance
> --
> Luboš Kocman (he/him)
> openSUSE Leap Release Manager
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