Re: OpenChain GitHub training repo

Sean McIlroy (LF, PM)

Hello all,
FYI - The OpenChain GitHub training repo, has now been updated with steps on how to collaborate with GitHub issues. 

On Wed, Oct 5, 2022 at 11:00 PM Sean McIlroy (LF, PM) via <> wrote:

Hello all,

Please note we have a GitHub training repo to help OpenChain members collaborate through GitHub.

The first rollout outlines the 5 simple steps on how to create a PR
This week a second page will be published to guide you through the steps on how to submit an Issue.

If you have any feedback or you'd like me to create some training guidelines to help with Working Group engagement/collaboration, please let me know.

Sean Mcilroy
Program Manager - Linux Foundation
Timezone: GMT 

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