Export Control Work Group Start Date (was Re: [oss-based-compliance-tooling] OpenChain Work Groups – New and Improved Structure)


Topical, definitely ;)

How about we have the first meeting in November? I am thinking circa 15th November.

On Oct 13, 2022, at 11:26, Julian Coccia <julian.coccia@...> wrote:

I'm also very interested in the Export Control WG!

On 13 Oct 2022, at 08:48, Steve Kilbane <stephen.kilbane@...> wrote:

HI all,

Looks good to me.

* I’m keen to see the Export Control WG get up and running. :-)
* Co-ordination between the Licensing and Security WGs will be important, IMO – if the two specs can remain as close as possible while evolving and improving, that will help with adoption, I think.
* You didn’t mention the Telco or Automotive WGs. While there might not be any changes there, perhaps the diagram might separate out the industry-specific WGs into a Verticals column, as they’re distinct from the geographical WGs and the topical WGs? That would also allow for emphasis that there’s scope for more WGs in both verticals and geography as need or desire arises?


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Subject: [oss-based-compliance-tooling] OpenChain Work Groups – New and Improved Structure

The OpenChain Project has been very active since its formal launch in late 2016. Our global community has built an ISO/IEC standard for license compliance, launched a de facto (and soon to be ISO/IEC) standard for security. We have contributed to SBOM, OSPO, training, policy and other discussions. We built the world’s largest library of open source management reference material.

To reflect our growth and to make it easier to navigate the project we are going to make some adjustments to our work groups. Nothing too radical, but definitely something to help people find their way around more quickly, and to get the information they want faster. The image above contains a summary of the evolution approved by our Governing Board at their last meeting in September, and targeted for release during October 2022.

The changes?

• The Specification Work Group will split into two parts – a Licensing Work Group for ISO/IEC 5230 and a Security Work Group for the Security Assurance Specification.
• The Education Work Group and Outreach Work Group will combine into the Education Work Group.
• We will launch a new Export Control Work Group and a new Policy Work Group. The former will help to navigate issues around increasing international trade tensions. The later will help us provide strategic advice around the highest level of planning for open source in legislation and business.
• The dormant Conformance Work Group will be wound down and discussions regarding self-certification moved to Education Work Group, with discussions about the nuance of conformance parameters moved to our Steering Committee.
• Finally (if there are no objections), we will re-brand the Reference Tooling Work Group to the Automation Work Group to help guide people hearing about automation to the right solutions.


Your feedback – as always – is most welcome. Please provide comments to our main mailing list:
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Please provide feedback by Close of Business UTC (17:00 UTC) on the 18th of October 2022.

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