Re: OpenChain Reference Training Slides now in MarkDown (Draft, needs work)

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I have tried to figure out an easier way to do it and extract the images in a bulk-ish way, but they appear to be Powerpoint internal objects without any coherence. The best way I have figured out without spending too much time, was to export to PDF, open the PDF in Inkscape, remove the text, group the graphic and export what remains as SVG.

Now Inkscape can deal with multiple pages, but it would be a much better idea to separate each page, remove the ones without images, put the remaining ones in a place and proceed page by page.

It's painful and error prone. Powerpoint is something that is better left with presentations (or even better, alone, sitting in the dark to rotten), not documents.



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Oggetto: [openchain] OpenChain Reference Training Slides now in MarkDown (Draft, needs work)
Well, this is big news. Our reference training slides - one of the most used
parts of our reference library - is now in MarkDown. The conversation status is
“draft” and we need to check for rough edges:

Original PowerPoint slides here for compare, contrast and planning:

The biggest to-do item is that we need to extract the images from the slides and
add them to the MarkDown. This is probably a relatively big lift… we may want
to recreate some of the images at this juncture.

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