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Vargenau, Marc-Etienne (Nokia - FR/Paris-Saclay)

Hi Stefan,


Thank you for your quick translation of the German article. I will put it in the English Wikipedia tomorrow.


In German Wikipedia, the article is under “ISO/IEC 5230”. I have created a redirect from “OpenChain”.


In the other languages, there are no articles for the moment. Your screenshot is from Wikidata.

What I will do is to put the article under “OpenChain” and a redirect from “ISO/IEC 5230”.


Best regards,




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Hi all,


it seems as the German Wikipedia has a different treatment of the terms of “OpenChain” and “ISO/IEC 5230”.



The German Wikipedia will forward you to the “ISO/IEC 5230” page when searching for “OpenChain”…

…in the English, French, Spanish and Italiian Wikipedia, it’s just the other way round.


So there actually is information on the Wikipedia pages – but under different headlines.


Would it be an idea to create two separate articles for “OpenChain” and “ISO/IEC 5230”?

At least it might be good to have a uniform treatment of the search terms in the different language versions…





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There is an article about OpenChain in the German Wikipedia:

but in no other language.


I consider it would be good to have an article at least in English.


What do you think?


Best regards,




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