Creating a general FAQ for OpenChain

Shane Martin Coughlan <shane@...>

Dear all

We currently have a great website with a link to a FAQ. However, our current FAQ is Specification-centric. Check it out here:
Mark, Miriam and the rest of the team discussed the utility of creating a more general FAQ for our landing page that then leads to specific FAQs for Specification, Curriculum and Conformance. I have taken the liberty of creating a draft for how this general FAQ may look as well as populating the Specification and Curriculum FAQs on the wiki:

What is OpenChain?

The OpenChain Project is focused on identifying common best practices that should be applied across a supply chain for efficient and effective compliance with Open Source licenses.

What is OpenChain’s mission?

The OpenChain Project's mission is to establish requirements to achieve effective management of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for software supply chain participants.

How does OpenChain work?

There are three parts to the OpenChain Project:
* OpenChain Specification
* OpenChain Curriculum
* OpenChain Conformance

The Specification is the heart of OpenChain. It describes the processes required to achieve effective management of Free and Open Source Software in the supply chain. OpenChain Curriculum provides training material to help companies meeting the Specification requirements. OpenChain Conformance helps companies check that they are adhering to the Specification requirements.

Where can I learn more about each aspect of OpenChain?

There are Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages for Specification, Curriculum and Conformance:

Input, adjustments and improvements welcome!



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