Re: What is the license of the openchain comformance specification 1.0 ?

Mark Gisi

Thank you Matija and Joseph for your input on the spec licensing. We will discuss it at the next working meeting  on November 7 @ 9am Pacific Standard Time (PST). All are welcome. After having a discussion and obtaining guidance from the Linux Foundation we will present the license choice and the rationale to this group.


How to Participate: For those new to the OpenChain project we meet on the first and third Monday of each month. On the first Monday we meet at 9am PST to accommodate EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and discuss the spec and spec conformance. For the third Monday we meet at 5pm PST to accommodate Asia and discuss the spec and curriculum.



- Mark



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RE: CC-BY 3.0

Should it not be updated to CC-BY 4.0?

(BTW, Kudos to all for advancing this to v1.0, and apologies for going from active participant at the beginning to just a quiet observer due to workload. Wonderful to see it's now an industry reference.)

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On Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 5:02 PM, Matija Šuklje <matija@...> wrote:

Die 21. 10. 16 et hora 19.53.35 fu7mu4 scripsit:
> I want to translate the specification into Japanese.
> But I could not find the license of the specification.
> Please tell me the license of that.

According to the standard LF’s ToS <>
that the website seems to be under:

“Except as otherwise provided, Content on this site, including all materials
posted by the The Linux Foundation, is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 License.”

As the specification’s PDF doesn’t seem to mention any other licence I’d say
it’s under CC-By 3.0.

I’d be very happy to be corrected by people who are much more involved than I.

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