OpenChain Monthly Meeting (North America / Europe) in half an hour - 09:00 PST / 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET


Our meeting starts in 30 minutes and will cover a lot of ground. There will be a special focus on editing the licensing and security specifications. This will also be the first meeting where Chris and Helio take full control of the editing process :)

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Agenda slides attached this this email.

Last meeting...
we addressed the following issues with the Security Assurance Specification 2.0 Draft:
•We prepared and refined definitions of remediation and mitigation:
•We included “remediation” and “mitigation” in Section 3.1.5:
•We included “mitigation” in Section 3.3.2:
•We clarified the “Get Customer” requirement in Section 3.3.2 to make the logic clearer:

This meeting…
•Comments on the Known Vulnerability in the proposed Security Assurance Specification
•Add program objectives
•Consider adding definition of 'bill of materials’
•Move "Access" to be part of "Compliance Artifact Delivery”

Check out the documents we are editing:

Licensing Specification (3rd Generation Draft):

Security Specification (2nd Generation Draft):

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