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Gary O'Neall

Thanks Kelly – I’ve done some homework on the security and hope to send an update prior to our meeting.



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Hi Gary, Team,


As discussed earlier this week, I will set up a call for a privacy subcommittee to discuss the points below.






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Hi Miriam and team,


There are a number of process related open items for the conformance check website that need resolution before the site can go live.  In listing out the issues, I realized that many of these would need to be resolved even if we were doing the questionnaires manually via documents in email.


If there is time on today’s call it would be great to get closure on a few of these issues or discuss a forum and plan to gain closure on the items.


The use cases status and open items are documented on the etherpad at


Below is a summary of open items which I believe need resolution prior to going live:

·         Privacy policy – What is required for a privacy policy since we are collecting and storing information provided by businesses?

·         Terms of service – Do we need any terms of service or policy for submitters to follow?

·         Do we need any kind of “click-through” or notice when signing up or when submitting an application (e.g. when submitting, user agrees that it is correct to their knowledge and artifacts can be provided under ?circumstances?)?

·         Should everyone be able to view an accepted certification (see - the site also needs text explanation).

·         What process do we want to put in place to review and confirm submittals?

o   Should we have a distribution list that is notified on new submittals?

o   Do we have one person or a rotating responsibility to review and respond to submittals?

o   Who are the “admins” of the website?

o   What expectations should we have on response time?

o   How automated should it be?

·         Do we need to implement a confirmation that artifacts can be provided or will that be part of the manual confirmation process?

·         How do we handle editing answers after a questionnaire has been submitted?  Do we disallow editing after submittal?

·         Do we need a “printing function”? (note: there is a download to CSV currently)


I can also give a 10 minute tour of the questionnaire and admin functions if there is time and interest.




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Hi everyone,


please find the slides for today’s call attached to this email.


Kind regards,




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