Conformance - privacy subcommittee meeting

Kelly Williams

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1. Dial the local number based on your location.
2. Enter 855 889 3011, then #.
·         Privacy policy – What is required for a privacy policy since we are collecting and storing information provided by businesses?
·         Terms of service – Do we need any terms of service or policy for submitters to follow?
·         Do we need any kind of “click-through” or notice when signing up or when submitting an application (e.g. when submitting, user agrees that it is correct to their knowledge and artifacts can be provided under ?circumstances?)?
·         Should everyone be able to view an accepted certification (see - the site also needs text explanation).
·         What process do we want to put in place to review and confirm submittals?
o   Should we have a distribution list that is notified on new submittals?
o   Do we have one person or a rotating responsibility to review and respond to submittals?
o   Who are the “admins” of the website?
o   What expectations should we have on response time?
o   How automated should it be?
·         Do we need to implement a confirmation that artifacts can be provided or will that be part of the manual confirmation process?
·         How do we handle editing answers after a questionnaire has been submitted?  Do we disallow editing after submittal?
·         Do we need a “printing function”? (note: there is a download to CSV currently)

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