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Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D. <ibrahim.h@...>

Hello Jeremiah, it was really nice to see you at LinuxCon EU and thanks
for attending my talk.
I actually provided the material to Kelly. I will make sure to provide
open format in the future to accommodate exclusive Linux users.
Best regards, Ibrahim

On 10/22/14 1:56 PM, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
Hello everyone,

Thanks Kelly et. al. for the slides. If I might make a request; can you
produce slides and text in an open format in addition to the proprietary
formats you provide? I use neither Word, Powerpoint nor Windows. In
Libre Office on Debian the text in the .doc file is nearly illegible in
parts and I suspect there are missing slides in the slide decks since
some are completely blank.

Since we're discussing FOSS compliance on this list I'll add I'm a
little bit surprised at the widespread use of Windows software and
formats for presentation materials. I had expected the Linux Foundation
to actually have policies that would be more supportive of Free Software
and open document formats.



On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 10:51 PM, Williams, Kelly
<kellyw@... <mailto:kellyw@...>> wrote:


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Attached is the agenda and presentation slides for tomorrow’s call
at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 4pm UTC, 6pm CEST.____

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Phone bridge info:____

Conference Number: +1 (415) 906-5657
<tel:%2B1%20%28415%29%20906-5657> Pin: 88326
UberConference URL:

For international call instructions, please visit the website below.
Please note you will have to enter the US Conference number as part
of the instructions:

Screen share (if used): go to

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