Conformance website update

Gary O'Neall

Greetings all,

I just updated the openchain conformance website at


Thanks to the help from the Linux Foundation support team, we now have a working email system – so you should be able to sign-up as a new user and try out the site.


The site is still under development, so expect a few bugs – feedback on any you find is much appreciated.  You can add an issue on github at, email me directly or email the openchain distribution list.


Below is a summary of the changes:

·         Submitting and approvals of the conformance checks are now fully automated

o   Attempts to submit incomplete or incorrect answers will result in an error

§  Submittals are automatically “Approved”

o   Admins can reject submittals (and re-approve later) from an admin screen

·         Submitters can now “Unsubmit” to remove the organization name from the approved list

·         Added "Please contact OpenChain Support to report any inaccuracies or issues." to the footer on all pages.

·         Added a dialog on submit with the text “Please confirm that you have verified all appropriate artifacts are maintained per the OpenChain specification.”


Remaining work before “going live” with the site:

·         Improve the look and feel of the Conforming Submissions page: (any style sheet contributions are welcome)

·         Updated terms linked to the footer (based on feedback from the policy review subteam)

·         Make the submitter name and email address optionally show up in the Conforming Submissions page

o   Change the signup so that the checkbox for allowing name and email address publication is optional (today, you can not sign-up without granting that permission)

o   Change the table on conforming submissions to display names and emails if the option is selected

o   Add the option to share name and email to the user profile


Please let me know if I missed anything on the remaining work.





Gary O'Neall

Principal Consultant

Source Auditor Inc.

Mobile: 408.805.0586

Email: gary@...


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