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Thanks Gary! Just ping me when I can assist.


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Thanks Shane for the offer for assistance on the FAQ.  I hope to get a structure setup in the next couple of days and some initial FAQ’s related to the website.




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Thanks for the great overview Miriam!


Gary, if I can assist with the FAQ, please let me know.





On 8 Dec 2016, at 05:03, Miriam Ballhausen <Miriam.Ballhausen@...> wrote:

Hi all,


thanks again for the productive call on Monday. We are making good progress. Here’s a short summary of what we discussed and agreed on:


1.       Validation


We agreed on an exception process, where we’ll only intervene in case of problems. Otherwise companies will be able to sign up without further validation. Reasons to intervene are mostly complaints, i.e. someone, who is on the list complains that they shouldn’t be on it; someone submits their compliance check, but isn’t put on the list and complains; someone is on the list and a third party complains that they shouldn’t be on it.


We’ll adapt the terms of use to describe the processes such complaints will entail.


2.       Inbound Licensing


We’ll also adapt the terms of use to reflect that inbound material is licensed under CC0.


3.       Editing


We’ll allow editing and going back to change answers. We’ll also reserve the right to remove companies from the list, if they are not compliant any more based on the answers they gave when making the changes to their previous answers. This will be clarified in the terms of use.


4.       “Rejections”


If someone tries to submit a conformance check, but doesn’t succeed, as they don’t answer all the questions correctly, the feedback will not be that they were rejected. Instead we’ll tell them that they need to take further steps to achieve conformance.


5.       E-mail alias


We’ll create an e-mail alias for conformance check purposes. The alias is tbd. Complaints as mentioned above can be sent to this alias as well as notifications about new companies signing up.


Please reply to me, if you want to be added to the list of recipients for this alias.


Two of those on the list will be in charge of handling incoming complaints, notifications etc. We’ll rotate monthly. Expected response time is one week. This response time will be communicated via the terms of use.


6.       Artifacts


We’ll add another question to the conformance check, where companies can indicate, which artifacts they have available. Discussion will be continued offline. I will send out an e-mail to start this off.


7.       Printing


Printing will not be possible. However, it will be possible to excerpt the data and pull it into a spreadsheet. The FAQs will explain how to do that.


8.       FAQs


We need to create the FAQs. Gary offered to take a first go at it. Thanks Gary!


Kind regards,




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