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I think this slide deck is really terrific; clear and effective. Thanks to everyone who contributed, this will be a very valuable resource for our community.



On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 10:43 PM, Shane Martin Coughlan <shane@...> wrote:
Ladies and Gentlemen

Please find attached the final draft of the OpenChain Curriculum Slides Release 2. We will be going live with these slides on Wednesday the 14th of December at the Linux Foundation Legal Summit. These slides are designed to support the OpenChain Specification Release 1.0 and are a refinement of the original curriculum slides release on the 4th of October. Most notably:
(1) There are slide notes for trainers throughout the material to make delivery easier.
(2) There are answers to the “Check Your Understanding” questions at the end of each chapter to assist with the creation of internal exams.
(2) The content of some slides has been adjusted to make things clearer and simpler.

If you have any last minute notes or additions please inform me by midday Tuesday the 13th Pacific Time latest.

I want to thank everyone in the curriculum team who helped refine these slides, with special thanks to Nathan for his (usual) exceptional contribution, for Hung for his extensive work to take us towards completion, and to Karen for her useful notes to further refine the material originally released in October.

I also want to thank all those involved in ARM, Philips, Samsung and Qualcomm for donating the original materials from which we built these slides. You have put in motion a unique initiative to share knowledge freely across the world that will benefit us all.



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