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Kate Stewart

Please insert the reference to SPDX documents back into the specification in section 4, and leave the definition in the specification.   Dropping it is not yellow lined in the 1.1 version of the specification, and not providing an example on how these artifacts can be distributed in a consistent manner weakens the overall story.

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Also we should also consider removing the definition of SPDX since it's no longer specifically referenced in the body of the spec itself.  Credit to Jeff Kaufman from Redhat.  Thanks,




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HI Mark,


One small edit: 3.1.2 should be “documented” not “document”  :)


Otherwise, changes look good.




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The near final version of the OpenChain Specification 1.1 is available at:


The most recent changes can be found in yellow highlights. We have gone through about 75% of the public comments. We expect to complete  the review of the comments at the upcoming spec group discussion on March 20th. The public comments along with responses can be found on the following wiki page:



- Mark


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