Re: Chatham House Rules?

Dave Marr

Thanks, and yes the motivation behind the proposal is to find a way for folks to feel more comfortable discussing those sensitive issues.  There's no getting away from the fact many of us on this list are lawyers. :) However progress on this type of project is only possible with open dialogue.  Chatham House indeed has been helpful elsewhere as Shane especially well knows.


On Dec 12, 2014, at 6:08 PM, Shane Coughlan <shane@...> wrote:

Hi Alan. Chatham House is a gentleperson's agreement rather than a legal contract. It has no impact on legal or professional requirements so there should be no conflict in this regard.

Dave, I believe this rule has proven useful in allowing people to discuss sensitive concerns more openly than otherwise over a considerable period in multiple jurisdictions and fields, and therefore would support its adoption. 



On 13 Dec 2014, at 03:24, Alan Tse <Alan.Tse@...> wrote:

Generally I’m ok with Chatham House as long as there is an exception for legally or ethically required disclosures. 


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Hi, should we move our OpenChain discussions under Chatham House rules?  Thoughts appreciated.


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