OpenChain Wiki is now live

Mike Dolan <mdolan@...>

OpenChain Workgroup participants, per my discussion on the call today, the OpenChain Wiki is now live and available for the group to leverage. I’ve populated it with the meeting information for the calls and uploaded the presentations used on the last two calls. 

The wiki has the conference call information and the link to the mailing list self-subscription. Feel free to point anyone interested in participating to the site. 

If you would like to contribute content or edit the wiki, you will need to login with an LF identity. Many of you probably already have one (e.g. from, other projects we host). You can check if you have an identity or create one at this URL. Once you follow the process to create your ID, you can go back to the wiki site and login with that username and password you create.

If you have any questions or comments, just let me know.



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