Update from the Curriculum Team

Shane Martin Coughlan <shane@...>

Dear All

Work has continued to prepare for Release 2 of the Curriculum Slides in December.

We have added slide notes (the beginning of our training handbook) to Chapters 1 and 2 with the exception of the “Check Your Understanding” slides:

The working slides for Release 2 of the OpenChain Curriculum can be found here:

Everyone is invited to help build out the slide notes for the remaining chapters. Can anyone take a chapter as an assignment?

== Other issues regarded as unresolved and seeking discussion ==

Slide 1, addresses the fact that we are following US law with the statement that "These slides follow US law. Different legal jurisdictions may have different legal requirements. This should be taken into account when using these slides as part of a compliance training program.” I regard this as resolved and will remove it unless anyone objects.
Slide 21, we need to discuss whether the definitions of disjunctive and conjunctive should be re-included. Feedback is welcome.
Slide 53 through 64 are related to the complexity of Chapter 6, and will be more fully addressed in 2017, with our placeholder being the addition in Slide 52. Does anyone object?



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