OpenChain Last Week and Deferring Our Call Today (06:00 UTC Bi-Weekly Call Cancelled)


Dear OpenChain Community

It was an exceptionally quiet week for the OpenChain Project. I would like to explain why and also chart our course for the rest of this month.

Last week, during the Linux Foundation All-Hands meeting in Arizona, one of our colleagues passed away. I will not go into details of who or why. It is sufficient to say that this was a shock to a great many people inside the LF. LF executive management, Eds and GMs quickly made the call to spin activity down and give everyone time to process things.

This week I am in the process of resuming full operations. I have a backlog of videos to process, and prior to the All-Hands being cancelled mid-way, I have open discussions with our peers at Hyperledger, OpenSSF and TODO Group about collaboration on cool things in Q2 2022 onward.

I debated whether to run our regular bi-weekly call this evening but I decided to cancel it. There are two reasons. One is that I have not fully processed the global activity over the prior seven days, and I want to catch up before briefing you. The other is that on the last call we decided to move towards a schedule of mini-summits rather than simple bi-weekly calls, based on feedback and on observed attendance.

This imperfect moment of tragedy, backlog and prior decision may be the best inflection point to make this happen.

You will receive a series of briefing emails during this week to take you up-to-speed, to solicit your feedback, and to ensure our continued success. Meanwhile, and most importantly, take care of yourselves out there.



Shane Coughlan
General Manager, OpenChain
e: scoughlan@...
p: +81 (0) 80 4035 8083

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