[telco] [openchain] OpenChain Telco Work Group meeting 2022-06-2 (today) at 09:00-10:00 CET

Jimmy Ahlberg

Hi Prasad,

Normally we would run a Pacific friendly meeting at 8.00 AM Pacific time (5 PM CET) as well. However due to other events today we will have to postpone that session today. The tentative plan is to move that to June 16th instead.

8.00 AM is perhaps a bit early, if there is an interest we can shift that slightly later (9.00 AM?) if we think we would get a better response that way.

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Just curious, Do we've a follow-up Telecom session that has Pacific time zone(US) friendly timing ? Otherwise, I'll refer to the recording.


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OpenChain Telco Work Group meeting 2022-06-2 (today) at 09:00-10:00 CET

How we work:
As always anyone is welcome, it is not required that you are part of the list or a member of OpenChain, not for that matter identifying as a Telco company. Feel free to invite those you think would benefit from participating.

Information about the May meeting of the Telco Group (not much activity thus the lack of MoMs.
A first look at the “draft specification”.
Trademark discussion.
Discussion of possible F2F get together.

Dial-In details below.

The Telco group meets the first Thursday of each month, our meeting cadence can be found here:

Our charter and work program can be found here:

Dial-In Information:
Meeting ID: 4377592799

Check your timezone:
PDT United States Pacific UTC-07:00
UTC Coordinated Universal Time UTC
CET Central European Time UTC+01:00
IST India Standard Time UTC+05:30
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