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Date: June 8, 2022 17:24:34 JST
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Subject: [oss-based-compliance-tooling] materials updated
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Dear all,

thank you again for all your valuable inputs. Today we again covered three important and complex topics. Please find the latest results (v1.5.2) in the repository at https://github.com/Open-Source-Compliance/Sharing-creates-value/tree/master/Tooling-Landscape/CapabilityMap

But since we still have a few capabilities left (7), I would want to ask you, whether it would be Ok for you, to change our schedule to weekly, for the coming weeks. If we maintain our today’s  performance, we the would be able to finalize the map before the summer break.

Please give me an indication, whether it will be possible for you to arrange that. Thank you &

Mit freundlichem GruĂź / best regards

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