[germany-wg] [openchain] FAQ: Common Misunderstandings about OSS Licensing (English and Japanese)

Carsten Emde

Dear all,

Please find enclosed the German translation of the FAQ: "Common Misunderstandings about OSS Licensing" that has been announced some time ago. Thanks a lot to Stefanie Pors for reviewing and commenting.

The translation was done primarily by Astrid Spura, with some assistance from the OSADL team.

As Shane put it, please share it far and wide...

Best regards,
Carsten Emde on behalf of the OSADL team

On 1/27/22 03:15, Shane Coughlan wrote:
This is incredible! Thank you all and I am really looking forward to next steps here. Naturally we will want to share the results far and wide.

On Jan 26, 2022, at 21:31, Astrid Spura <office@...> wrote:

Thank you very much for offering help! Reviewing translation would be great. I will get in touch in time.

Best regards,