OpenChain meeting schedules - we have an orphaned invite issue again


OpenChain has various regular or semi-regular meetings throughout each month:

Our webinars
Our tooling work group
Our telco work group

Until recently we also had a bi-weekly global call, but consensus was to shift this fully into our mini-summit format. Attendance was higher and the monthly or six weekly cadence suites calendars.

However, it appears that we have some issues with calendar invites becoming orphaned on individual calendars. For example, when the Global Calendar is updated, those updates do not necessarily reflect in people’s clients.

Specifically, our announced move from bi-weekly global call to mini-summits was communicated on May 23rd and on that date the calendar invite was removed from the Global Calendar. However, six people have an active invite in their individual clients this week.

I want to solicit your feedback on the best way forward.

Ask everyone to delete all invites and resend (what we did in December to reboot)?

Shane Coughlan
OpenChain General Manager
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