Certification: First Draft and next steps

Miriam Ballhausen <Ballhausen@...>

Hi OpenChain participants,


attached to this email you will find a first draft of a certification document. As discussed during our last call, I created this document using the “Verification Artefacts” the specification document refers to.


In my opinion it is likely that we’ll have to add some “introductory” questions. For some questions, I already added them (i.e. questions 5.3 “Does the FOSS contribution policy permit contributions to FOSS projects by employees on behalf of the company?” The answer to these questions alone doesn’t have any relevance for the company’s compliance, thus introductory question. It only puts the following questions (those that are relevant) in context.


I am looking forward to your comments and discussing them during our next call on July 11th.







Dr. Miriam Ballhausen



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