IMPORTANT: OpenChain meeting schedules - Reset of whole schedule coming July 1st


After receiving some feedback, our calendar issues will be resolved in the following way:

(a) after our regular bi-weekly webinar today (Monday 27th), our calendar will be cleared for the rest of the week.

(b) you are asked to remove all OpenChain calendar invites from your schedules.

(c) July 1st new invites will be sent out for all events.

On Jun 23, 2022, at 17:53, David Marr <dmarr@...> wrote:
+1 and a similar approach seemed to work well last time. Best,
From: Gilles Gravier
I like the idea of "delete all and resend". What you can do is maybe fix a date for the "great resend"... So that everybody can ensure they've cleaned up their calendar before...