[openchain-automotive-work-group] [oss-based-compliance-tooling] OpenChain Work Groups – New and Improved Structure


Hi Steve

On Oct 13, 2022, at 8:48, Steve Kilbane <stephen.kilbane@...> wrote:
* I’m keen to see the Export Control WG get up and running. :-)
No sooner said than done. Mailing list now active and we formally launch in November. Lot of interest in this one.

* Co-ordination between the Licensing and Security WGs will be important, IMO – if the two specs can remain as close as possible while evolving and improving, that will help with adoption, I think.
Absolutely. My suggested approach for us is to maintain one mailing list (specification@) and we look at having co-chairs to (a) ensure working on lockstep and (b) redundancy in case someone has a sick day etc.

* You didn’t mention the Telco or Automotive WGs. While there might not be any changes there, perhaps the diagram might separate out the industry-specific WGs into a Verticals column, as they’re distinct from the geographical WGs and the topical WGs? That would also allow for emphasis that there’s scope for more WGs in both verticals and geography as need or desire arises?
Absolutely. I just ran out of space in the slide.

Does anyone want to take a shot at this visualization?