OpenChain Conformance Check/ EU-US Privacy Shield

Miriam Ballhausen <miriam.ballhausen@...>

Hi everyone,

I was digging through the EU-US Privacy Shield documents today. In my opinion, we might be able to borrow some inspiration for the conformance check we are trying to set up. The Privacy Shield also sets up a self-certification process for companies, but there's also an option to have a third party certifying your compliances with the Privacy Shield principles. The certification process also requires that written documents (e.g. the data privacy policy) are taken a closer look at. Being part of the Privacy Shield makes certain business transactions easier and the documents provides for legal steps against those wrongfully claiming they're part of the Privacy Shield. Most importantyl though, they also ask for the certification to be annually renewed and a fee has to be paid for the initial certification and the renewal.

I attached the documents to this email for your convenience (the relevant pages are 19 through 50) and I'd like to put some ideas up for discussion during our next call on 09/06.

All the best,

Dr. Miriam Ballhausen