OpenChain IP Summit Survey Results


Ahead of the results of the main OpenChain Industry Survey 2022, I wanted to share the results of an earlier survey we held at the OpenChain IP Summit. We have twelve responses (around 22% of the audience).

These results include some interesting insights into company focus and evolution SBOM, OSPO/SCA collaboration, and the use of tooling.

Check the results out below. Your thoughts and comments are most welcome (as always).

Main interest:
33% Copyright
0% Patents
67% Copyright and Patents

Was this event directly relevant to your work?
100% Yes

Is tooling (automaton) something critical to your work?
92% Yes
8% No

Is the use of SBOM a reality for your supply chain today?
67% Yes
17% No
17% Partially

Does your OSPO collaborate closely with your SCA team?
67% Yes
0% No
25% Not Applicable

Do you collaborate with other companies to share SCA, SBOM or tooling approaches?
25% Yes
33% No
42% To a limited extent