[oss-based-compliance-tooling] SPDX Online Tool Hosting - Support This Project via CommunityBridge

Alexios Zavras

I should point out that, while the initial idea was for improvements of the hosted tools, we managed to get many high-quality submissions and Community Bridge is currently supporting *two* students this summer, who are working on:
- improving the Python libraries for SPDX handling (including support of SPDX 2.2)
- implement license matching in Python (as a library and standalone tool)

Of course, any funding donation is very welcome!

-- zvr

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Hey everyone! I saw Gary O'Neall has a CommunityBridge funding drive for a useful online SPDX tool. Highly recommend your consideration. Donation process is super smooth. Took me less than 20 seconds to donate $25 to the cause.

The Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) is an open source standard for communicating software bills of material information (including components, licenses, copyrights and security references). To support SPDX, an online tool has been developed which provides an easy all-in-one website to upload and parse SPDX documents for validation, comparison and conversion and search SPDX license list.

This project is to provide funding for hosting the online tools to make it freely available to the open source community.

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