SW360 Community Exchange on Tool-Chain and Processes


I'll have to share this invitation with the tooling-sg members of OpenChain Japan!  

By the way, is this meeting planned to record or to share minutes later?
I just can't join it...





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件名: [openchain] Fw: SW360 Community Exchange on Tool-Chain and Processes
開催日: 2022年4月1日 15:30 - 17:00。
場所: Microsoft Teams-Besprechung

Hello all

This is an open discussion over sw360 usage and i thought was valuable for OpenChain members that want aer interested on this specific topic.

The invitation is below.

Best regards


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Dear SW360 community,

I would like to invite to a meeting where we exchange on the organizational specific tool-chains and according processes.

The goal is to learn from and inspire each other. I think this could be a good basis for a common understanding of the future of SW360.

Possible interesting topics which I can think of:

  • What kind of tool-chain are you using for license clearing?
  • How is SW360 integrated in a tool-chain in your organization?
  • How is your license clearing organized (e.g. processes, who is working with SW360)?
  • Are there processes beside license clearing you can serve and would like to serve?
  • If possible share some numbers of users, projects, components, releases which are managed by SW360.
  • Do you have further processes / functionality to be integrated into SW360?
  • Who is financing SW360 development and license clearing process (centrally, projects etc.)?
  • What is your motivation to engage in SW360 community?
  • What is your vision of SW360?
  • …Please add additional interesting questions from your side

The idea is to have a 15 min presentation of every organization and some discussion on that in the end.

Please invite interested colleagues and clarify upfront what you can disclose and what not.

I am looking forward to meet you.

Best regards, Katharina


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