The OpenChain Curriculum in Q1 2017

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Dear all

During the 2017/1/17 meeting we discussed the planned Q1 2017 activities for the OpenChain Curriculum:
• Add a “SME” checklist to Chapter 6 for small company compliance review
• Decide what to put in Chapter 8 for “Developer Guidelines”
• Review language throughout to simplify and improve clarity

These changes are targeted for completion at the end of March and will constitute 'Release 3' of the OpenChain Curriculum. Completion of the slides will be synchronized with the release of the OpenChain Specification 1.1 and will support that document.

Help is appreciated as always:
- Dave has already volunteered to assist with the SME checklist.
- In the next week I am going to take a run at simplifying the language in Chapters 5 to 7. This leaves Chapters 1-5 up for grabs. The idea is to reduce sentence length and complexity for ease of review and translation by non-native speakers.
- Can anyone step forward to assist with reviewing the material in Chapter 8? Our goal will be to keep it light and simple. Current thinking is to refer to the Linux Foundation’s free Developer Guidelines training course for more comprehensive study:

You can jump right in to review, comment on and improve our draft slides here:!AsXJVqby5kpnhjz7p9yryf8MJUPJ

We have a dedicated curriculum mailing list here for coordination:

An overview of the curriculum, our draft material, our FAQ and all our meeting minutes can be found here:



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