Updated certification website

Gary O'Neall

Greetings all,


I updated the test version of the open chain certification questionnaire website at http://openchaindeploy.m6rqmtrixp.us-west-1.elasticbeanstalk.com


If you don’t see the updates, you may need to reload the webpage or clear the browser cache.


Below is a summary of the changes:

·         Look and feel updated in an attempt to match the style of the OpenChain website (still needs more work, however)

·         Added in the URL for OpenChain website.

·         There is now a Certified Submissions page to display information on all of the submissions which have been approved.

·         Added functionality to approve/reject submissions.

·         General quality improvements.


I added notes to the use case etherpad as to the current state of implementation: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/OpenChainConformance


If you want to try out the questionnaire, you can use the username testuser and password openchain.


If you would like to try out the admin functionality, email me and I’ll reply with the username and password.


If you want to try signing up using your email address, let me know the email address you will be using before signing up.


Feel free to email me any suggestions, especially if you run into any issues or bugs.






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