Wiki and agenda topics

Kelly Williams



The compliance certification proposal is now up on the wiki.  In order to contribute or edit the wiki, you will need to login with an LF identity.  If you have trouble, please feel free to send me your edits and I can make the updates. 


In addition, let me know if you would like to discuss any of the additional proposed topics on our next call (Tues, 1/20).  Any additional topics you would like to add?


  • Training materials
    • Syllabus discussion
  • Certified trainers and consultants
  • Distribution flow diagrams
  • Case Law Discussions
    • XimpleWare Corp. v. Versata Software, Inc.
    • Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International





Dave Marr

Proposing we include a discussion of any edits to the wiki as one possible agenda topic.  Also the OpenChain contribution model that we ran out of time to complete.